About Us

I am the newest owner of Bridal Superstore in Indianapolis, IN. Retail has been a huge part of my life, starting as a small child. My family owned a jewelry store in Lafayette, and I started working there on the weekends. From there, I went to Purdue University and received a degree in Retail Management. I took a brief (18 year…) hiatus from the industry to raise my 4 kids in Philadelphia before returning to Indiana to work at the family store. When the opportunity came up to purchase this business I figured it wasn’t a huge jump from jewelry to bridal… so I decided to go for it! As a recent bride myself, I realized what a large role shopping for a dress plays in the brides overall wedding experience. Based on my many years in retail, I know I am able to provide you with fun and relaxed environment in which you can find your perfect dress!
~Gretchen Reynolds

I am a very laid back guy – a trait that has benefited me as a life long sales professional. I have sold everything from copiers to financial planning … and now wedding dresses. When Gretchen and I were looking for a business to purchase, this really stuck out as I have always loved helping others. I am also a huge proponent of shopping local, so this family owned, locally operated store fit perfectly! When not at work, I love doing anything outdoors with my 8 kids. Yes, 8 kids – 4 from my first marriage and 4 from her first marriage. There is never a dull moment in our household! Golf, concerts, basketball, poker, and many other activities are ones I remember once liking to do… back when I had the time!
~Joe Reynolds